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Bighorn Slab Stone
Montana Quarry Stone
Gold with silver and gray colors mixed with a beautiful sparkle of mica and quartz specs on its surface. A very showy stone.
Bighorn Creek products should not be installed on or near a water feature or pool. Bighorn Creek products contain a certain amount of iron, thus bleeding may occur. Bighorn Creek products must be cleaned with a cement or stone cleaner and allowed to dry completely. Masons must be very careful not to mix too much lime or calcium in their mortar mix to avoid “bleeding”. Masons should seal Bighorn Creek after it is set in mortar.

Flagstone is priced by the pound, we can deliver this flagstone in any quantity you need for installing a flagstone walkway or patio.
This fine-grained sandstone can be used for flagging or paving walks, driveways, and patios. It can also be used as a wall stone or as a stone veneer. Our stone is delivered on pallets and we offer both select and patio grades. This stone is also available in ledge material, saw cut material, and sometimes as boulders.

There is always going to be a slight variance of square footage from pallet to pallet even if the weights are similar. The square foot coverage per ton of flagstone will vary with each project. Designs of the project, the average stone thickness, size of joints, pattern cuts, waste, etc. will affect area coverage.

Bighorn Slab Stone