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Pea Gravel Screened and Washed
Pea Gravel from regional quarries throughout the Western and Southwestern USA.
Pea Gravel has a legal standard; naturally occuring semi round 3/8" river aggregate quarried from ancient alluvial river beds, or talk to your lawyer, but that is the basics.
What is not Pea Gravel? That is easy, it is most of the rock sold by big box stores and rock yards called "pea gravel." That is because that 3/8" rock is crushed and not naturally round river aggregate.
Each region has its own type of pea gravel, provided there is a large river past or present there where it can be quarried. Pea Gravel boasts a delightful array of colors, ranging from soothing neutrals to vibrant hues, bringing a touch of natural beauty to your landscape. Its texture is smooth and gentle, making it a pleasure to walk barefoot. Our Pea Gravel is perfect for a wide range of landscaping projects, from creating inviting pathways and driveways to enhance garden beds and patio areas.

Pea Gravel