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Community Support Through Charitable Giving
"Philanthropy definition, altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons."
We and our partnering vendors and contractors are able to provide technical expertise, materials, labor and equipment for purely non-profit community needs. The entity needing support need not have tax deductible status but it certainly helps when asking our associated vendors and contractors to support your cause.
It is easier for us to help community causes in California at this time but those in need in Arizona and Nevada should not hesitate in putting forward a request or proposal has to how we can help with donations of construction engineering or landscape aggregate and landscape materials.
Entities such as Veteran's housing ( single owner and multi tenant ), rescue missions, community centers, youth sports complexes should be present a rough outline of their needs and a proposal for how we can help them based on the products you see on our site. After a review of that information we may ask for much more detailed information. Not every proposal can be sustained by us but we are confident that we can help a little or a lot in most circumstances.
  • Cancer Treatment & Research Charity

    We are contributing a part of what we earn to cancer treatment and charity hospitals. What we sell today could save someone's life tomorrow.
  • Christmas Charity

    Christmas celebration outreach program to provide food, clothing and gifts to the children and families of the Antelope Valley, High Desert and communities beyond through donations from companies in the decorative and construction aggregates industry.
  • Community Projects

    We and our partnering vendors, contractors and even competitors to provide some much needed help to those who have great ideas for improving buildings, homes, schools and community gardens that benefit charitable causes for both private and public groups.
Community Support Through Charitable Giving